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  Huali Mechanical CO.,Ltd. is located at the foot of Yan Dang Mountain. Zhejiang Province. In early 80s, Mr,LiXuanyun researched and developed the first hinge-type saw machine in China.Huali was founded in 1993 .At present, Huali's products cover both parts and complete machines after 20 years unremitting efforts.
  With the extensive application of double-metal saw blades,Huali manufactures the various kinds and specifications of band saw machines from the minimal size to Large horizontal type band sawing machines.The latter laid solid foundation for Huali in saw industry with firm structure and high stability.
  Currently,main products of Huali are Large horizontal type band sawing machines and Large vertical type band sawing machines designed and manufactured with high-new tech.featuring firm machine beds, massive saw bows as well as high efficiency and exactness. The largest cutting diameter could be 4000mm(largest in world) within tolerance from 0.5mm to 100mm. The machines could cut metals with 1200MPA tensile strength at most. The company produces machine with different functions,such as manual feed,roller hydraulic semi-automatic feed and CNC automatic feesd.Customers can select machines in terms of their own special requirements and maintain by remote control.
  Nowadays, Huali Mechanical CO.,Ltd.had been the pioneer in ther industry of developing and manufacturing band saw machines.More and more world-renowned customers regard Huali as their best supplier .In the industry ,Huali hasn't only been a brand anymore,but also it's the representative of saw machines and symbol of quality.
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